The Full Day American Tour. 8.30am – 5.30pm

Ste Mere Eglise. Considered to be the first town liberated in France on 6th June and also depicted in the film to Longest Day. This strategic crossroads town was heavily fought over and defended byt he 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, of the “All American” 82nd Airborne Division. Hear the stories of the men involved including John Steele who got caught on the town steeple and visit the church and infamous market square.

Bocage Hedgerows. Visit the hedgerow countryside that made the fighting so difficult for the Americans in Normandy. Hear about the problems they created and the solutions that eventually led to the US breakout into the open countryside.

Utah Beach. The site of the first Allied beach landings on D-Day. Here we will start to understand the chaos of war and how American leadership and the GIs initiative would overcome it. Visit German bunkers and pay homage to the monuments of the 4th Infantry Division and its attached units.

Lunch. Lunch is normally stopping for a sandwich or other quick snack (not included in the price of the tour) and the group will relax for about half an hour.

Angoville au Plain. Stop at this small village with a big story. The tiny church was used as a first aid post treating more than 80 wounded. Hear about the bravery and commitment of the 2 medics from the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. See the monuments and stained glass windows that honour the men and events of 1944.

Point du Hoc. One of the baldest assaults of the Second World War. Listen to the stories of the men from the 2nd US Rangers Battalion who scaled up the 100 ft cliffs to assault the strongly defended German strongpoint in an attempt to knock out a powerful gun battery position. Visit the bunkers and see the amazing craters caused by the allied bombing.

Omaha Beach. Here we will visit Dog Green sector of Omaha beach, depicted in the film Saving Private Ryan. The scene of the heaviest casualties on any beach sector, on any beach on D-Day. There is no other stop on this tour where we will better understand the importance of ground in battle. Hear about the young men of the 29th Infantry Division who landed, what they were to suffer and how they finally overcame the German defences.

The Normandy American Cemetery. Words cannot do justice to the setting, beauty and significance of this site. The final resting place of 9387 American servicemen and women from the Normandy campaign. Used as a location for filming Saving Private Ryan and overlooking Omaha beach. These amazing grounds of more than 170 acres must surely be a perfect end to any D-Day tour.