Full day 82nd &101st Airborne Division tour.

Explanation of stops
When giving this tour to clients, I have generally found it to be people who have previously visited the area or people who have a passion for anything airborne and have already visited some of the sites and so after discussions on the day or through previous communication, we have then selected stops that fit there needs and wants. I am therefore listing many of the stops available that can be visited in relation to the two Airborne Divisions during the day for you to make a selection from.

82nd Airborne Division stops.

505th Parachute Infantry Regt.
Sainte Mère Église (Many different stops within the town.)
Neuville au plain, 1st LT Turner Turnbull.
Battle of La Fiere.

507th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
Bernaville Chateau / The killing of General Falley.
Amfreville monument.
Timmes orchard.
Battle of Graignes.
Railway line, several regiments.

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
Hill 30
Memorial wall.
Beuzeville la Bastille.
Battle for the bridge at Chef du Pont.
Saint Marcouf to Marmion farm.

101st Airborne Division.
Hiesville. Divisional HQ
Chateau Collombiere. Division Field Hospital.
Death of Brigadier General Pratt.
Possible crashed glider site, Holdy.
Battle of Carentan.
Hoody Gun battery.
Aubervilliers la Hubert.

501st Parachute infantry regiment.
Major Johnson Belleneau Chateau.
La Barquette lock.
Saint Marie du mont.
Brevent .
Angoville au plain, First aid post.
Causeway 1.
Smitts pond.

502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment.
Securing Causeways 3 & 4.
Marmion farm / Ravenoville.
Saint Martin de Varraville Gun battery.
Pathfinder landing area / monument.
Ambush site LT col Robert Cole.
Dead mans corner.
Purple Heart lane, bayonet charge, Medal of Honor. 
Marmion farm / Ravenoville.

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
All Band of Brothers sights, (list is on this website.)
Securing causeway 2.
Battle of Bloody Gulch.